UBG Network Voting

This Is the voting site for ubg network. You Can Vote For Ubg Network Within Every 6 Hours Of Time. 
By voting to this sites you can get free in game money and lots of crate key, Which you can use to open crates. Where you can get some random stuffs, like enchanted armor, max pickaxe, and more.

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Ubg network is a free for all Lifesteal server, Where you can play Lifesteal game mode with your friends, The best thing about this server is that you can play this server using crack clients like pojav launcher, Tlauncher and Crack pocket edition. And here you can vote this server.


Ubg Network oldest and very first game mode. I Personally enjoyed this very game mode and its time to try some new game modes. In this game mode you have to kill a player to obtained. >


Ubg Network Staff took our suggestion seriously and bring us a very popular game mode PVP FFA. In this game modes  we are given a arena to battle with your enemy or friends.
In this game modes we have multiple arenas mini game modes like netpot, crystal, tank, opduels.

Ubg Network Lifesteal Smp

Ubg Network is a Indian Minecraft server. which offers variety of gamemode like lifesteal and survival. Ubg Network is free for all to join and play. 
It provides you lag free gameplay, You can join this server from any where and play Lifesteal gamemode and other gamemodes.