Is Groww App IS Safe For Investment?

Groww is a CDSL Depository Participant and Stock Broker registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). It is also a prominent member of stock exchanges like NSE, BSE, etc.

Since many traders fall prey to unauthorised advisors, registering with SEBI and meeting all the compliance formalities is there foremost priority.

Groww has always had (and will always have) a customer-first approach. Groww always adhere to serving our valuable customers with the most transparent and seamless investment platform that assists them in meeting their financial aspirations.

Pricing Model

Groww have a single brokerage rate for each of our customers that ensures the chopping off of any operational risks that may follow.

Groww's simple model of pricing, with no hidden charges, makes us stand firm and crystal clear in front of our customers.

Groww's Policy

Groww direct and clear privacy policy states to keep each customer’s data private, secure, and unadulterated.

Groww app is safe as the customer information that we receive is collected, processed and stored securely. It is never compromised and inhabits safely under our secure storage.

On a Concluding Note

Be it transparency, privacy or security; you have them all and more at our online investment platform. We hope we have cleared your doubts as to whether is Groww safe or not.

From Stocks to Mutual Funds, SIPs to F&Os, we have got you all covered. Just invest the way you want and get all things finance at Groww at your fingertips.

So, if you want to leverage the opportunity to strengthen your finances, look no further, and register on Groww soon.