Pojavlauncher Fps Boost Mods 1.20+

Pojavlauncher is a client or a launcher which allows you to play Minecraft Java edition on you Android or iOS Device.

You can easily play Minecraft Java edition in your device with the help of pojavlauncher but there are minimum requirements for this launcher to launch Minecraft Java on you device.

I am not going to talk about processor, Ram or Android version.
In this article you will how you can fix you lagg issue of pojavlauncher in your device and how to increase fps of your pojavlauncher to boost your Minecraft Gameplay.

Simply put, I am going to give you some of my fps boost mods and config file like sodium, notenoughcrash and more.

There are many mods, Resources pack and texture pack to reduce lagg and boost your gaming Performance. But you have to find all of them and some of them are not compatible with other mods, Because of this your pojavlauncher will crash every time when you try to run Minecraft.

Here, I am going to give you all my mod, Which is already tested by me and well organised, And the most important thing is that this mods will never crash you pojavlauncher until you change something in this mods.

But, Remember this to run this files you have to download fabric loader and open pojavlauncher then click on install.jar then you have to choose this specific Minecraft version and fabric version
  • Minecraft Version 1.20
  • Fabric Version 0.14.23

After that choose fabric loader 0.14.23-1.20 and launch you pojavlauncher after successfully launching your game close it and open zarchiver you can download this on play store and app store then archive the mod folder which I gave you copy all mods and put into mods folder or .minecraft which is in Android- data-net.kdt.pojav launcher.

Then you have to delete default config file in . minecraft folder and replace with my config folder which you will find in my mods folder which I gave you. And you are done 👍
After that decrease you chunk distance to 5 this depends on you device processor and ram
Then you can disable particals to increase more fps.

You can easily expect 150-300 fps in you device, Remember this that your device ram and processor also matters for For fps for example,
If you have a device with 4 gb ram and decent processor you will get around 100 fps.
Like I have 8gb Ram with snapdragon 778 processor which provides me 250-300 fps in pojavlauncher.
You can check my YouTube video as a proof.